Learn Fruit Carving

What are our fruit carving lessons?

At our lessons we teach the technique of professional fruit and vegetable carving. We will teach you the proper use of Thai carving knife and other tools. You will gain skills to create a masterpiece using ordinary fruit an vegetables. You will become professional carver in no time.

Our lessons are usually one-on-one or in small groups. The group lessons are max of 4 people. It gives us the opportunity to work with each individual's talents and abilities. It is important to us to be able to pay full attention to each student.

You can also book a lessons customized for you at $50 hour. Minimum 4 hours recommended. Let us know what would you like to learn and your availability. We will book your customized lesson for you at your convenience.

We can also assist you with purchasing professional good quality carving knifes, tools and books.

I - Beginner

Simple Vegetable Flowers, Zucchini Leafs, and Watermelon Rose

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II - Intermediate

Simple Thai Flower Designs on Melons and Advanced Flowers in Veggies

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III - Advanced

Complex Thai Carving Motives on Melons and Vegetables

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Half Day Program

Half day program - take lessons on specific designs: